December 08, 2008

Big Size Screen On Youtube

Wow amazing, finally they released big screen on it. You can now view any video or movie on a large screen. I think it's all about to reach more visitor and also to show their credibility.

Don't waste your time here, go to YouTube now.


November 30, 2008

Make Up Your Song With JeeJuh

Listening to the music is a common hobby. Peoples do this to refresh their mind after finishing their daily hard work, or do this by working.

But if you are enjoying the music not just for fun, or if you are a musician perhaps you need the music that meet your taste. Not only comersials like on the market. You will review the music in order to find one that inspiring.

If you have ability to compose your taste song, need to make it up, put some beats and instrumentals, then you will say thanks to me because now I will show you a place where you will get some inspirations. is an online website that provides tons of beats and instrumentals. Come to the site and mixing up your song with their beats. Don't worry about quality, Jeejuh is a group of musicians, producers, and sound engineers.

Beats for hip hop, rock, R&B are on the place. Choose the relevan beats for your song, buy it, and download it. Use your Paypal account to purchase, many options available on purchasing by Paypal.

Once you get the beats, you wont be asked for additional fees. Because their beats are royalty free, that means you pay one time only.

Oh, you also have a chance to be their featured artist. Just submit your recorded songs, if they like it, you are on the right way to be a real artist.


November 19, 2008

Fastest Browsing

What is it?

This is tip to make your browsing faster. Perhaps you found it before me, but just to remind you. Here it is

1. Avoid browsing in the work hours. Because in this time internet traffic is so high.

2. Increase your browser chace
3. Avoid enable animation and multimedia.
4. Stop download large file. It will disturb traffic if you do.
5. Open link in a new window.
6. Right click. You will find pop up window where many options you can chose.
7. Save your desire website page. You can open it another day.
8. And offline browsing.

That's all the tips, and happy browsing.


November 15, 2008

I'm Sorry Reader

I'm sorry, really really sorry. Of course you need to leave a comment when you're visiting this blog. But accidently my comment section is error. So you of course always failed if you want to write a comment.

I appreciate your kindness of leaving a comment, but i decided to close my comment section. If not actually you will again and again try to leave a comment.

So, by now i apologize for this. Hope you will understand, once again my comment section is error. Or if you need to contact me, just send me an email at That's it have a nice day.


November 09, 2008

Yahoo Anti Virus

A malicious virus can bring your computer to a standstill (or worse). Much worse. That's why Yahoo! is constantly on the lookout for new viruses and ways to stop them.*

Yahoo! Mail automatically scans all incoming and outgoing email attachments for known viruses. Yahoo uses industry-leading Norton AntiVirus software, so you don't have to do a thing.

Download the attachment and wait for that reassuring message "No Virus Threat Detected." If a virus is detected, it will be cleaned if possible, and you'll be given further instructions.

* Remember, not all viruses can be detected and cleaned.

There's a risk involved whenever you download email attachments to your computer or send email attachments to others. As stated in our Terms of Service, neither Yahoo! nor its licensors are responsible for any damages caused by your decision to download email attachments.


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